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It seems all I can do is post lyrics these days.

Well, I've heard that other countries are down on the US,
a land of mass consumption, our lives filled with excess.
But my daddy wasn't fightin' on Normandy that day
For the right to drive a Hyundai--I refuse to live that way!

...and I'm proud to be an American, who gets just 5 MPG.
Though I live alone, the car I own can seat a hundred three,
And I'll gladly park so close to you, when you pull out you can't see.
No, I'll never trade my Escalade...God bless my SUV!

Well, the road may have congestion, but hey, I'll get there alive,
so don't pester me with questions, like "What Would Gandhi Drive"?
And you won't catch me in Starbucks if I need a drink or snack;
when I bought this ship, she came equipped with a Starbucks in the back.

...and I'm proud to be an American, with a car that fits my rear.
The cash I put down could have fed a town in Somalia for a year;
I'd gladly go and fight Saddam; he'd lose a war with me.
You'll be stuck in mud when he sends his SCUD, but not my SUV!

I think SUVs are the Devil's Own Evil. If you own one, I'm unapologetic. SUV owners on my flist, I loff you, but but I wish your car would die die die. *see icon for my dream car*
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