try to catch the deluge in a paper cup (primroseburrows) wrote,
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patchfire: heh. "US threat level soon may drop to yellow"
primroseburrows: Hmm.
patchfire: I think Tom Ridge rolls some dice to decide whether it goes up or down
primroseburrows: Heh. Yes.
primroseburrows: I think the Fab Five should redo the security level colours.
primroseburrows: I'd like to be on mauve alert.
patchfire: Hehehe
patchfire: The worst level would become orange, because orange is a horrid colour
primroseburrows: Well, yes.
primroseburrows: There'd be more levels, too. Because colours speak volumes. Charcoal alert, for example.
primroseburrows: And sage might be the lowest. Soothing.
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