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DT: come reap

Random thought

Posted on 2004.07.01 at 21:13
How I feel about it all: contemplativecontemplative
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There have got to be more unlocking spells than Alohomora. If there weren't, everyone in the WW would be able to unlock any door, thus making all locks useless.


is it wrong to wish on space hardware?
greenapricot at 2004-01-07 18:52 (UTC) ()
I've often thought that too. I mean it's a spell they teach to first years. There's got to be something more powerful than that. *wonders off pondering*
franzeska at 2004-01-07 22:06 (UTC) ()
It's a basic spell, but I suspect that some people cast it more powerfully than others. It also seems like it's supposed to work on physical, non-magical locks, so it makes sense that it's not that impressive a spell. We've already seen magical locks that it doesn't work on and also spells and other things that keep people out without being locks per se (fluffy, anyone?).
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2004-01-08 05:01 (UTC) ()
Okay, so it's probably a basic unlocking spell designed to teach kids basic wandwork. It works on Muggle-ish locks, but not wards.

Fic writers take notice, then! Bwah. I've read quite a few stories where things like the lock to Draco's trunk/Malfoy Manor/Voldie's lair are Alohomora'ed.
franzeska at 2004-01-08 13:54 (UTC) ()
I suppose it might work on the physical part of the lock or something even if it's a lock on a wizard's house. I'd think you'd have to get rid of the wards in a different way though. I wonder if the individual power of the caster is also an issue.
Really Sunny
willysunny at 2004-01-08 09:22 (UTC) ()
A-men! and what about sirius' knife? what's up with that v. alohomora?
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