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GIP and GULP (Gratuitous Underwater Light Post)

Posted on 2004.28.01 at 12:45
How I feel about it all: optimisticoptimistic
Soundtrack: Sinead O'Connor - You Cause As Much Sorrow
Chapter 16 is up!

Of course, I'll have to go back and reread 15, 'cause it's been a while. Silly sarahtales, having a Life whilst I sit by my computer, drinking myself into oblivion (well, maybe not oblivion), waiting for the next chapter. *staggers*

Teh GIP is Pete Seeger, taken by yours truly at the opening concert of the Peoples' Music Network's Winter Gathering.

At 85, Pete's voice is all but gone, but he's healthy, happy, and keeps on leading us all in the old (and some new) songs of struggle and resistance. The man humbles me and makes my inane rantings seem, well, inane. Lead on, old friend. May your days be long, your songs be heard, and may I be a tenth of the person you are. *raises glass*


Sarah Rees Brennan
sarahtales at 2004-01-28 10:33 (UTC) ()
*defends herself*
I do not have a Life! I just wrote a 40somethingpage chapter which Las in her wisdom has now split up into two.
Mmm, oblivion. *applies careful makeup to go out and ruin it in drunken haze*
... so that's what GULP means! I always wondered! Cool!
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2004-01-28 10:57 (UTC) ()
... so that's what GULP means!

I think we discussed this before. *thinks*

One of us must've been drunk. *g*
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