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Posted on 2004.06.02 at 08:55
How I feel about it all: crankycranky
Soundtrack: BBC Newshour
Well, it looks like I've got a bad video card, or something. I'm taking my computer to Computer Guy!Son on Sunday but I bet it's the video card. I'm using mr_t00by's computer at the moment, but he'll not be wanting me to do that when he's here. Also, it's cold down here in the cellar basement.

Bleh. I hate malfunctions. *glares at PC*

Not to mention, it's snowing and I have to go to West Greenwich AND Providence today.

ETA: Not going to W. Greenwich. Roads too icky. *sigh* It means missing the second half of mr_t00by's play, but it's all back roads and I just can't risk it. I suppose I'll have to go to work, too, so that means I have to leave here at one to get there at three. *grumbles*

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