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Regarding the 2004 Election race...

I could care less about:

1. whether George W. Bush ever spent a single day with the National Guard thirty years ago.

2. whether John Kerry ever had Botox treatments, or ever had a picture taken with Jane Fonda.

3. whether Howard Dean went skiing after his medical deferrment(sp?).

I do care about:

Health care
The economy
Clean Air, clean water, clean food, the environment
GLBT rights
Womens' rights
The "War on Terror"
The Patriot Act

And y'know? None of these things are going to be affected by Dubya's military record, Howard Dean's ski itinerary, or Kerry's botox treatments any more than Monica Lewinski's stained dress affected the economy, the military, or the budget surplus under Bill Clinton.

It just doesn't matter to me, and I don't see why any of these silly things that happened so long ago can matter to anyone, left or right, when faced with the real issues that are happening today.

I've said it before, people need to stop being knee-jerky about stuff and grow actual opinions. This means you too, oh, mis compadres on the Left.

I'm not voting for Dubya, but his military service record has nothing to do with why.
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